Simon Ward – Birds

Bird Panels in our current show at Gallery TEN from Simon Ward.

Rupert Merton

Making things is said to be essential to the human condition. It certainly is for me. The metamorphosis of earth, fire and water by alchemy into objects of beauty is ancient, primitive and expressive of the fragility of existence. It’s also fun to play with mud.

It’s of little interest to me whether my pots are seen as functional or non-functional, art or craft. I don’t intellectualise them or contextualise them (pace Bob Dylan). They may hold water or flowers, they may be decorative, they may be precious, they may be sculptural. You may use them to drink tea or poison.

They are simple objects, intended for contemplation.

Gallery TEN - Rupert Merton

Jane Hamlyn

Salt glaze ceramics from Jane Hamlyn. This is what Jane says about her works……………..

My pots are made to celebrate the rituals of daily life : serving and offering, giving, receiving and sharing. I believe that functional pots have a unique role to play in the arena of the Applied Arts because they provoke audience participation. My pots are made to be touched and when holding a pot and considering how to use it the user continues its creative life and fulfils its real function. I like that idea.

Jane Hamlyn Ceramics

New Works in Gallery TEN

This week sees the arrival of two sets of new works. New glass artist to Gallery TEN Laura Birdsall has given us some beautifully made and quite stunning bowls in great colours. If you are not familiar with her work and love glass this is a must see. Also some new Raku pieces by ceramicist Dave Cohen, vase, sculpture, cockerel, fantasy all rolled in one ceramic piece!