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Lindean Mill Glass 40

Lindean Mill glass at 40 - Gallery TEN - Edinburgh Gallery

In 1974 Glasgow historian John Hume photographed a series of derelict stone corn mill buildings on the banks of Ettrick Water in the Scottish Borders.  His images, archived by Historic Environment Scotland show a place in decline – rusting corrugated iron roofs; boarded-up windows; interiors filled with broken furniture and abandoned tools; grounds potholed and overgrown.

Just four years later, in these same buildings, the first hot glassmaking furnace was lit and Lindean Mill Glass was born.    Now, in 2018, the stone buildings are in pristine condition:  carefully restored; set in beautiful gardens and they hum with both people and industry. Lindean Mill has become associated not with grinding corn but with making high quality glass.  This transformation lies in the hands of two exceptional artists and designers – one from USA one from Sweden – and is a testament to the importance of international exchange to Scotland’s culture and economy.

From the exhibition CATALOG introduction by amanda game 2018

Wine Glasses - Studio Range - Gallery TEN - Lindean Mill Glass 40 - 2018

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