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WOOD & TREES Exhibition 2018

Gallery TEN – Edinburgh Festival 2018 Exhibition

A collection of objects, sculpture & functional works made from WOOD. Shown alongside will be pictures which share the theme of TREES. Works by well know and emerging artists, both national & international.

look at the wood and see the trees

Incredible vessels from Pascal Oudet, sculptural works by the late Tim Stead, contemporary Shaker ware from Ian Fraser, furniture by Namon Gaston and Isabelle Moore, panels from Adrian McCurdy and quirky works by Arran Ross and Sid Burnard, all from WOOD.

Paintings and original prints from a collection of well-known artists, designed to complement the objects with a collective theme of the TREE. Including Terry Frost, Patrick Heron, Tom Hammick, David Hockney, John Piper & Scottie Wilson.



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