SSA Exhibition Prize……

Gallery TEN is pleased to announce the prize winner for the 2018 SSA Exhibition Prize is Edinburgh based photographer Rebecca Milling for her suit of black and white images titled “Exit” which depict a series of animals exiting the image frame. Further details of our collaboration will follow in due course.

EXIT - Rebecca Milling - Photographer - Black and White - Edinburgh - Gallery TEN

Morag Reekie

'Come Along Now' - Morag Reekie - Gallery TEN - Glass

Working with glass as my medium is always interesting. Using the lost wax technique I am able to create my own unique forms using wax giving me the capability to sculpt with the detail I require. Casting them in glass makes the forms permanent with the addition of vast range of colours, characteristics and textures that glass provides. I like to add found objects or other props to my work. Transforming them into a piece of art, changing their purpose and giving them a new lease of life. In doing so, I want  my pieces of sculpture to tell their own stories. My objective is to inspire thought in the meaning and to make people smile!

Morag Reekie

Henri Matisse – JAZZ

JAZZ – by Henri Matisse – Cut outs for the book were started as early as 1941, the book was finally published in 1947 in an edition of only 370, hand-coloured using the
pochoir process. In 2004 they were brilliantly reinterpreted by Idem Mourlot, the great Parisian lithographers. The intensity of colour is stunning. The lithographs offered here were published in an edition of 1500.

Matisse – Portraits

In our forthcoming exhibition of Henri Matisse original prints there will be a number of portrait images, some of which are shown below.

ALISON STEWART – painting & collage

Gallery TEN - Alison Stewart - Painting - Collage - Edinburgh Gallery

Workmen collages

Drawing figures at work on building sites or at the roadside was the stimulus for this body of work. Unlike life drawing, my subjects were in constant movement and were involved in a very physically demanding real life activity. These initial sketches were then developed in the studio using collage.  A distillation rather than an overt simplification of forms occurred and this process  suggested interesting and unexpected relationships between the figures.


The tools depicted here were all collected from my family’s farm so they refer specifically to those that have worked that land for over a century. Although obsolete, old and of no value they have been kept and I wanted to record them. The subject matter is static in nature but it has a latent energy as we imagine or remember using these tools. In contrast to photographic documentation, painting allows me to create a less ‘accurate’ but more personal interpretation of these objects. ‘Tools: rakes, hoes, brooms, shovels. The superb identity, selfhood of things.’ Sylvia Plath


The ubiquitous chair is an object that I am drawn to. My husband, Roland Fraser, collects, repairs and makes chairs and we often discuss their specific characteristics, from proportions and patina to anthropomorphic qualities. This work explores the ways an inanimate object like a chair can indicate certain moods or emotions through a variety of treatments from oil paint to collage.

Exhibition runs until the 17.03.18

Lucy Jones – Exhibition

The following images show most of the current show and those no longer available are marked as sold.

Simon Ward – Birds

Bird Panels in our current show at Gallery TEN from Simon Ward.