Gill Tyson

“My main practice is in lithography, concentrating on the richness of expressive marks within this medium. I develop my prints by building up layers of colour to create a depth and intensity in deceptively simple and distilled imagery. My work has been likened to “painting in slow motion”.

I am drawn to remote, often bleak and harsh, environments – places as diverse as Orkney, The Lofoten Islands and the Namib Desert. I look for incidents of manmade presence in places that are in some ways inhospitable. It’s often a seemingly out of place marker in the landscape; a circus poster on a telegraph pole by the Arctic Sea, a kilometre marker in the Namib Desert. My last solo exhibition called It’s The End Of The Road was a series of images looking at places where the road runs out; a pier collapsed into the sea, a remote community on the west coast, an abandoned signal station in Donegal where I recently completed a residency.”