Chris Sleath

Chris Sleath worked professionally as a technical stage manager in theatre and the performing arts. After extensive touring in Europe and the USA he decided to re settle in Edinburgh in 2006. Soon after he completed a record number of printmaking courses at EP and currently produces work that is a combination of etching and screenprinting.

‘I am naturally drawn to the precise technical processes in printmaking but also encourage the unpredictability and spontaneity which can be achieved by a happy combination of accident and naivety. I have worked with concrete in the past which often shares these characteristics. I am interested in the immediacy of printmaking and most of my work is the result of some kind of collaging before or during the printing stage. I am inspired by the relationships between mankind and manmade machine.’

Chris is influenced by the work of the Dadaist, Russian Constructivist and Bauhaus art movements of the early 20th century and his obsession with 1950s classic lightweight bicycles is frequently seen in his work. He finds the interaction with fellow members of Edinburgh Printmakers a valuable aspect of his development as a printmaker as he continues to experiment with new ideas and processes.