Catherine Anne Hiley

“In my practice I am drawn to story-telling, and curious about finding the stories within people, objects and situations. Influenced by sources as wide as Holbein’s portrait paintings to Victorian-era circus sideshows, folk-legends and film noir, contemporary webcomics and medieval book illumination, I find visual and narrative elements that resonate with my own personal history. My work responds to my environment, and my general themes are human beings and the spaces they put themselves in, the relationships they build with one another, transformations they undergo, and the way they perceive themselves.

I work almost exclusively with printmaking and book media. While it is the distinct nature of the marks made with each technique that draw me to it visually, I am also fascinated by the potential of multiples, the accessibility of printed images and their ability to travel. It is the aspect of sharing ideas and disseminating information that ultimately attracts me to print media.”

Catherine Anne Hiley was born in 1979 to English and Canadian parents in Ascot, UK. In 1986 her family moved to Regensburg, Germany, where Catherine went to school and attended first art lessons at the University of Regensburg. She completed a Foundation Course in Art and Design in London before attending the Kunsthochschule Berlin-Weißensee in Berlin, where she studied Fine Art / Painting with Katharina Grosse among others, and where she also learned etching and intaglio printmaking. In 2005 she also completed an exchange semester at the Emily Carr Institute of Art and Design in Vancouver, Canada, where she learned screen-printing and book-binding. She graduated with a diploma in Fine Art / Painting from the KHB in 2007. Catherine has exhibited in Germany and Romania as well as around Britain, and has published illustrations for fiction and non-fiction books as well as designed greeting cards, wedding and birthday invitations on commission. She has also experience in letterpress printing, and has worked as assistant printer to several artists. She currently lives and works in Edinburgh, UK, where she has been a member of Edinburgh Printmakers since 2008.”