Sophy Ellwood


Sophy Ellwood is a photographer based in Edinburgh. She has an MA in Film Studies and History from the University of Aberdeen and has just completed an HND in Professional Photography at Stevenson College Edinburgh. Sophy is currently working on a documentary series about allotments.

“My work is fuelled by the need to record. I have always been interested in history, which I studied at university, and that in part is one of the reasons I recognise the importance of recording the present. Photography for me is a tool to document a person, a place, a moment, an environment; even if those moments seem ordinary it is the ordinary, everyday moments that comprise the majority of our lives.

I am continuing to explore the use of colour in my photography as a way of enhancing the image. I prefer to work with film, one of the main reasons being that I am forced to think more about the process of making pictures. I am constantly aware of the temporary nature of things; photography records those fleeting moments.”