Rupert Merton

Making things is said to be essential to the human condition. It certainly is for me. The metamorphosis of earth, fire and water by alchemy into objects of beauty is ancient, primitive and expressive of the fragility of existence. It’s also fun to play with mud.

It’s of little interest to me whether my pots are seen as functional or non-functional, art or craft. I don’t intellectualise them or contextualise them (pace Bob Dylan). They may hold water or flowers, they may be decorative, they may be precious, they may be sculptural. You may use them to drink tea or poison.

They are simple objects, intended for contemplation.

Gallery TEN - Rupert Merton

Jonathan Meuli

Jonathan Meuli at Gallery TEN

I have been painting professionally since I graduated from the Ruskin School of Drawing in 1982. During these years I have painted full-time for two periods: 1984 – 1989, and 1999 to the present. The first of these periods was spent mostly in West Cornwall, (where, as a child, I had my first lessons in painting and drawing from the sculptor Paul Mount, and the mosaic artist Jeanne Mount in St Just in Penwith). I also painted for substantial periods in Portugal and in Italy. The second period has been spent mostly in Scotland and France.

research projects
in 2011 I completed a research project for the Institution of Civil Engineers, consisting of twelve large paintings together with an online photo sketchbook. Full information on this project is available at

in 2011 – 2012 I undertook two large commissions on architectural subjects for private clients – one focusing on London’s South Bank (images at
The second was for two large paintings of the construction of the Al Bahr towers in Abu Dhabi by Aedas architects ( Read more about this commission. Images of the paintings and of the sketches are available to view at

Gallery TEN - Jonathan Meuli



Recent paintings in this series are made from lines and dots on an iridescent pearl ground. Viewed from some angles, depending on the available light, the ground is highly reflective, from other angles almost matt. Some of the lines and dots are also made from iridescent paint or interference colours. So these paintings change their look as the viewer changes position. Each painting is a field of forces such as attraction and repulsion, coming forward and receding, repetition and mirroring. Some lines and dots are well defined, others are more like drawing or calligraphy. Each line or dot is made from a single stroke. This binary code of lines and dots is ambiguous and open to interpretation in multiple ways. These paintings are purely about the relationship between the ground, lines and dots. This is the complexity of an unsystematic system.

Alan McPherson     2015

Alan McPherson - Gallery TEN

Summer Colour…..Coming Soon……

Coming soon an all new show Summer Colour at Gallery TEN – we are delighted to be showing some new works by Jonathan Meuli and some exciting new glass from Stuart Akroyd – alongside them we have three new artists to the gallery – Alan McPherson with new paintings – Rupert Merton with his beautiful ceramics and Cecile Gilbert with her acrylic jewellery.