COLLECT 2015 – Anna S King

‘Anna S King makes beautiful things. The reductive description of her as a ‘fibre artist’ does little justice to the richness of her work, which is built on a close relationship to the natural world, an instinctive practice of a wide range of craft skills, and an unerring eye for colour and design. Through a continuous expansion of those skills, a study of makers in other cultures – particularly Japan and North America – and a re-learning of ancient traditional skills such as the twisting of fibre from bark and grasses, King has become best known for intimate objects, her woven containers sometimes like baskets, sometimes like nests, sometimes like both.’

Andrew Guest, from review in Crafts Magazine of A Quiet Intervention: Anna S King at Dawyck Botanic Gardens 2011


New works for COLLECT 2015 from Anna S King showing with Gallery TEN on stand 7.5