Emma Mogridge

Emma Mogridge makes jewellery inspired by the beauty of the natural landscape. Each hand-made piece is designed to capture a snapshot of nature, for example, the sublime quality of coastal scenery, the shimmering of light over water, or the rippling of long grass in a windswept field. Award winning brooch, Liquid Sun, is inspired by the sun setting at sea. Facets of Light is a unique collection, crafted using specialist techniques and hand-made tools. Emma works with silver to create delicate eye-catching surfaces and combines them with strong geometry to form dynamic jewellery. The collection has an elegant yet bold aesthetic, accentuated by contrasting satin and highly polished finishes. Each piece has a definitive nautical feel, with echoes of ships and portholes, and is designed as a portable/wearable vision of the ocean.

Stephen Nolan

Stephen’s paintings explore recurring narratives of architecture and culture, his paintings are built up over a long period of time, employing photographs as an aid to his personal memories of the spaces that emerge. He uses traces of figuration as a tool to illustrate a sense of order and regularity in the landscape, ‘the consequence of Man’s dominance over nature’ but the recognisable subject matter is never allowed to settle down and become the meaning of the Piece, as his paintings should ‘be felt on the eye before the conceptual elements are allowed to emerge‘.

Robert Powell

Robert Powell was born in Edinburgh in 1985 where he has lived and worked since his graduation from Edinburgh College of Art, with a Masters in Fine Art in June 2008. Since then he has attracted the attention of collectors and critics alike – primarily with his highly imaginative etchings which have been widely exhibited. He has more recently, also attracted attention with his sculptural work.