02.08.14 – 02.09.14

JAPANNED! – Edinburgh Festival Exhibition

Japanese printmaker Kouki Tsuritani will be exhibiting a collection of his outstanding mezzotint prints in the Edinburgh Festival which will inspire and enthral viewers with both their fantastical images and his technical skills. Alongside Kouki’s work, Edinburgh based Gallery Ten is exhibiting a number of International and British artists who either use Japanese techniques or draw inspiration from Japanese art and imagery. The applied arts will be represented by a number of Japanese printmakers, jewellers, ceramicists, glass and leather artists whose work shows the extraordinary and refined  qualities of contemporary Japanese art and applied art.


Anna King

Anna King is an Edinburgh based basket-maker.

‘Mostly, I work with words – TEXT. The words are the raw material from which I derive inspiration and ideas. The words are held in journals and diaries that I kept for many years. Something I wrote twenty years ago might have been interpreted in one way then. I can look at those words now and see them in an entirely new con TEXT and so interpret them in a new way, but the immediacy of the first emotional response is not lost in the intervening years.

With the tapestries, the words are sometimes hidden within the TEXTure of the weaving. The coiled basket forms give the words an enclosed environment to live in, or rest, waiting for the observant enquirer to investigate. The conTEXT of the basket invites curiosity. Decorative additions on the surface or interior are there for symbolic as well as aesthetic reasons. They are not arbitrary, their purpose is to imbue a sense of place, evoke a memory, serve as a token.’

The-Three by Anna King

Jane Hamlyn

Salt glaze ceramics from Jane Hamlyn. This is what Jane says about her works……………..

My pots are made to celebrate the rituals of daily life : serving and offering, giving, receiving and sharing. I believe that functional pots have a unique role to play in the arena of the Applied Arts because they provoke audience participation. My pots are made to be touched and when holding a pot and considering how to use it the user continues its creative life and fulfils its real function. I like that idea.

Jane Hamlyn Ceramics

Rachel Mackie

Rachel Mackie went to Edinburgh College of Art and studied jewellery making, including a postgraduate year. She has lived in Spain since 1991 not far from the village of Orgiva just South of Granada. She has continued to make jewellery ever since alongside her passion for keeping, riding and tending her beloved horses. She runs her own workshop and runs courses in jewellery making.

Ralph Steadman Prints

Gallery TEN is now showing two sets of Ralph Steadman prints. Etchings from the “Authors” suite printed with Michael Waight and screenprints from the “Leaders” suite printed by Arthur Watson, in collaboration with the Peacock Visual Arts in Aberdeen. These two suites of prints will be on show at Gallery TEN until the 3rd of May.